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Overhaul of wording (SEO) + meta / desc on TAGs & PAGES
Decrypt - Dream Marketplace and  Alphabay
NEW schedule month:
1x INSIGHT, 1x DECRYPT, 1x GUIDE, 1x LIFE, 1x Tor, 1x LINUX
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Re-run monthly TAGS / Related Article update - ALL tags, RELATED
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Create a 'decrypt' tag

Add simple cronjob to restart Tor to guide as per u/MyRenewedServer r/privacy - top notch!

- "buy me a brew"
- Mix it up, guide, insight, life
- Added tags - Guide | Insight | Life | Linux | Tor

- 50x visitors per day (Already achieved as of 1/1/2020 - THANK YOU!)
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Fun stats:
1st JAN - 469 users!
Averaging - 300 unique users per day.

Decrypt – Dream Marketplace & Alphabay
Tor bridge, simple
Insight into SEO stats of jan 2020 + upcoming site ideas
Security tips general server maintenance and hardening
(unattended upgrades, failover, load balancing through Tor)

Requests from Reddit - THANK YOU! -
GUIDE: Options for making my single personal web site appear on both clearnet and onion. One site, both places.  - Requested by u/billdietrich11 in r/tor

GUIDE: I’d like to have .onion access without public access but it’s been years since I’ve fiddled with Apache and I’m lazy - Requested by u/8c4947e96c7c9f770aa3 in r/tor


Step by step to adding obsf4 and obsf5 to orbot from git.

Like full prerequisites and all. Please add link if there is some already.

Hey man! I really enjoy your blog so please keep it up. I don't use Reddit so I want to request to shed some light on I2P network and it's setup, it's advantages over TOR etc. I would like to know your opinion on that technology.

Will place into subreddit categories shortly

u/EnderClan in r/ronions - Guide on making a secure login form possibly for file storage or just in general.

"I'll work on ways for just authenticating certain users / whitelist / blacklist"

I suppose another good tutorial would be on how to prevent IP leaks? - u/MoistQuacker via /r/onions

I'd like to suggest a guide about session handling with the Tor browser and captchas (or other protection measures like honeypots) as the deep web mainly relies on such testing to prevent robot traffic. Keep it up!

another guide definitely needed is a crash course on Qubes-Whonix or at least a small commentary to the massive documentation in which new users get lost.

from /r/onions:

u/unrulyspeed - A blog post on defensive measures to limit the effectiveness of DDoS attacks would be nice.
"On it's way! I'll stage a few for purposes of research."

u/honeycode213 - Crawl onion sites:
"Crawl for data retention purposes? There are plenty on Github. I'll experiment but would like a little more information to ensure the purposes suits you."

u/aodtonix - Peeling an onion:
"Interesting maybe a way of uncovering server information from a hosted .onion site - e.g server tokens, directory listings, potential PHP information."

u/nerd_2 - Protecting the backend IP, configuring nginx, php for security, protecting against DDoS

"I like this idea, it's important if you are hosting a .onion to simply route all server traffic through Tor - IPs, some hosting providers are snoopy."

/u/ottox4 - advanced opsec

GUIDE: on msmtp with gmail from - u/2cats2hats in r/linux
GUIDE: to integrate a samba file server with Windows AD - u/2cats2hats in r/linux

GUIDE: how to properly configure Tor with a VPN (VPN over Tor / Tor over VPN?) - u/ BHydden in r/Tor
GUIDE: how to assign custom functions/simulate key presses bound to the generic mouse side buttons that changes behavior depending on what software is currently being used in the foreground - u/sprite-1 in r/linux

GUIDE: Personally I would love to see more stuff on the things that not many people are doing/writing about it. On top of my mind I can think of kernel patching, driver writing, cross-distro compiling, software packaging. The problem is that I don't see a lot of audiences for that.
On the popularity side, I can see 2 big groups: non-technical "how to customize my computer to look as cool as possible" and technical "how to install and configure xxx". For me, I can totally get behind a blog about how to configure software with slightly in-depth explanations. Something less technical than manual and digestible, perhaps scenario-based. - u/cloveistaken on r/linux

GUIDE: Linux audio ecosystem: Mainly ALSA and JACK (since PA is already fairly well documented, relative to the aforementioned systems) - u/socium in r/linux

GUIDE: Second that. Better still if you're not familiar with audio, since as you learn you'll be less likely to leave out the details. Better yet if you have trouble making something work as expected. Step-by-step how-to illustrations are rare. Assume the user knows -nothing-. Anything your reader knows is not an insult; they can skip it. - u/eliatic in r/linux

U/felixg3 in R/linux -
Custom installations like LUKS/LVM, bios modding (like removing/neutering Intel ME) Kernel compilation, generic troubleshooting advice (like how to find answers, ask the right questions) and how to write good bug reports, how to get into contributing to FOSS projects even without technical skills

GUIDE: Relay / Bridge / Exit Node hardening "harden" - u/notop20 in r/tor

GUIDE : Threat modeling. Seriously. This sub has me convinced that no one (NO ONE!) asking questions in this sub has put any thought into what they are trying to protect from whom. - u/vzq in r/tor

GUIDE: nfs and networking - The basics of how nfs works (stuff like how the various operations work at a high level (what the operations are that make up a read call, how writing to a file works) and how you mount, and what you install on both ends (server and client) would be a good start. Another good thing for OP to overview would be inodes as understanding them is really important here. - u/Mines_of_Moria from /r/linux

GUIDE:  Thank you! I agree. I need help setting up remote filesystems. - u/cavalier511 from /r/linux

GUIDE:  i would like to see Grub/Xconfig related tutorials. I am on Wayland, so X isn't that important to me atm but when it broke it was a pita. Same with grub. - u/trylim from /r/linux

GUIDE: Various file system setups with reasons why you might choose one over another, and with a few examples of how you might implement it. Maybe even how you might convert from one to another.- u/Matty_R from r/linux
– Hardware, configurations, backups, speeds, RAID, partitions (for files, "false backups")

GUIDE: services to create 'active directory like' service using only oss. ntfs, ldap, keberos... all configure to work together - u/vermeiremathias in r/linux

GUIDE: How to control mouse acceleration - u/virtyx in r/linux

GUIDE: Consider using Onionshare, which now lets you host websites easily. - u/CC_EF_JTF in r/onions

GUIDE: How about a beginners guide to using GPG for encrypting your discussions when talking to vendors on marketplaces. - /u/DrinkMoreCodeMore in /r/onions

GUIDE: How to set up qubes on a live usb? With live persistence & other too like kali and Ubuntu. I don’t believe there are actual guides for these things online. - /u/nicemeowmeow in r/tor


- hosting a 1 page website on a hosting service and making it reachable through a .onion address, from start (getting hosting login details, uploading the 1 html/php file) to finish

- how to keep your onion website & onion address anonymous, safe and secure (include the basics too, better to include everything than to miss something out)

- how to advertise your .onion address

- how to make your website and .onion captcha less bot friendly

- how to convert a (non javascript) wordpress clearnet site to a hidden site

- how to convert a (non javascript) magento ecommerce website to a hidden site

- basic / well known / effective methods on protecting a hidden site from ddos (other than captcha / changing the look of captcha)

- how to keep your clearnet website as anonymous, safe and secure as possible

- how to keep yourself as anonymous, safe and secure as possible on the darknet

- how to keep yourself as anonymous, safe and secure as possible on the clearnet / sites with JS enabled

- identifying occasions where tor users were de-anonymised, and researching/intelligently speculating why and exactly how they were deanonymised, and therefore how to prevent the same from happening to you. (this one could be an idea for a series. 1 (court) case / deanonymisation per article. or maybe 1 topic per article.

From: u/ScaredIllustrator in r/onions

GUIDE: Access Dark Web through Tor and Brave;
Screenshots - BBC, Wikileaks, Dreadit Weird & Quirky
GUIDE: Using Termius (iOS app)
GUIDE: HTTPs-over-DNS - cloudflared and pihole
GUIDE: Use Tor for web development
Cache etc..  SOCKS proxying using Putty
GUIDE: proxy / vpn
GUIDE: Nextcloud
GUIDE: Mirror and sync data
GUIDE: Backups
GUIDE: Preventing failure
GUIDE: Preventing DDOS
GUIDE: How to cleanly run regular backups (and transfer offshore) (moves into Nextcloud folder for automatic download across devices) (transfers to backup server in a different NOC)
"Backups with Nextcloud"

INSIGHTS: into creating /tools
(Hrs worked)
(Hair lost)
(Progress made)
Have permissions letters to numbers conversion /tools
Crontab assist?
IP Whois, DOmain whois etc
Public Pastebin (Keeps data for 1 week, or until it's viewed)

LAL: Feb, 2020, Day 1 - Javascript - Learn a Language
Learning a language (for 30 days, in 2020)

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