December 27, 2019

Guide: How to change your Spotify username

How to change your Spotify username with a couple of clicks.

The actual username.

With applications easily connecting with Spotifys API such as Discord, presents the risk of exposing your full name to the public my Spotify account was registered way before Discord release - pre 2015 (hello, old timers!)

Originally I had linked my Spotify with Facebook (the devil of privacy), then had a family member assign a family plan. The perks of premium, years later I decided to separate my Facebook from Spotify then found I was unable to change the username. Dilemma! 😅

"I like your steez, your style, your whole demeanor"

Refuse to recreate your whole Spotify existence

After many DuckDuckGo searches I was damned, well according the results.

I decided to contact support follow my path to talk with a Human.

Click "Other"

Obviously, we're clicking Other.

Click "I still need help"

Nearly there, I still need help.

Click "I still need help" again

A little, tedious, boy we're close. Lets carry on, as we still need help.

One more step to hear from a Human

Made it - nice one!

Time to vent. Tell 'em how it is. If you reside within the United Kingdom - mention GDPR. Handy to refer to Spotify's GDPR policy.

"Hello lovely support folk,
I'm writing today to thank you for your brilliant service and notify you of one issue with my account. I'm using third party applications such as Discord it has been brought to my attention - Spotify is showing my full name.
I go beyond extreme lengths in keeping good privacy practices online and just lately becoming more active on Discord. I've also boycotted Facebook as recent of their shady privacy tactics.
I wish to change my username on my Spotify Account - I understand this to be possible under the GDPR regulation due to my residence within the UK.
Please send across your security / confirmation questions.
Send me your best playlist!"

The lovely Spotify Customer Support will endeavor to reply within 4 hours, notifying you with security questions and procedure as below.

Respond confirming everything they ask.

1) They'll freeze and remove your email address from your Spotify Account.

2) Register your new account, with the new username, same email.

3) Find this in your inbox, confirm. Ping the lovely support folk a reply back..

"Oh boy!
Please restore my albums I'm lost without listening to Nelly and Kelly R. Also, one quick confession - I'm missing spying on my 2 followers. Send help and playlists.
Awaiting your reply."

Within hours, your followers, albums and playlists will reappear. Magic!

Meditation for a mind filled with OCD

Oh so shiny and clean.  

Don't forget to have your family plan invitee reassign your email to receive premium.

Kudos to Spotify Customer Support.

You may receive an email from [email protected] - if you hit Mr. Bot send a reply, cc support@ - to ping a Human.

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