December 25, 2019

GUIDE: Test site response times using

Use a cloud based provider to load test application response times before placing code into production. is long lasting reputation cloud service which offers load testing for developers. Minify the code, maximise SEO. Decrease response times by leveraging caching.

Let's demonstrate on - deep breaths now!

Hop over to

  • Register and Login (email address verification required)
  • Explore the capabilities which Load Impact offer:

Below is an example of a customised script.

  • Login to terminal and hop into your process manager, this case - htop
  • Now we're strapped in - press start.
Bootstrappin' those bots!
  • 5 minutes in, at 50 virtual users. Monitoring for excessive loads.
Pounding through those requests
How did we do?

Pretty damn impressive

Average response time: 166ms
Highest response time: 411ms

Note: Load and response times are a silent killer to SEO - aim for 3-4 seconds.

And breath..  Use this invitation share your results on the Discord.

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