December 25, 2019

INSIGHT: Launch Day SEO / Analytics

Number crunching SEO and Analytics including improvements, to be reviewed in a week.

As noted in the Privacy Policy there are 2 external sources which help serve content for this website - Cloudflare and Google.

Brief summary into visitors numbers who made their way to on launch day (woo!)

Let's proceed, dive deep into analytics.

In alphabetical order..


Cloudflare (includes bots, crawlers and other insects inspecting the web)


Google Overview - Unique visitors
Unique users: 32 
Biggest referral: N/A (insufficient data to compile this)
Pageviews: 170
Avg. Session Length: 1 minute, 1 second (working on extending this)
Avg. Pages read: 2.19
Bounce rate: 77.14%
Articles: 6
Visitors who have been in touch: 2 (hey, thanks for your feedback!)
SEO Data
I'm pleased, numbers are low, but crunching these, the statistics are reasonable.

Improvements - Closely monitoring words used, article size and plans for interesting content.

Let's check up together on Tuesday 31th Dec' 2019 - Remember to bookmark.

Only if I don't hear from you sooner..

UPDATE - Read more here

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