December 25, 2019

LIFE: Landing a tech gig

A delve into how I hope my life changes direction, brief insight to my career and my future.

A delve into hopefully, how my life changes direction.

Taking a step backwards, expressing gratitude for the lessons learned.

I've always had a interest in Linux, since the days of IRC back early 2000's - when your channel was taken over by script kiddies. The joys of using a dial-up (56kbps) connection to communicate with strangers at the other side of the world.

Lucky enough, I came across decent folk. Landed shell access - basic; tunneling, IRC bots, curl, top, and general snooping. Also trying the stuff I shouldn't be doing the hard way.. Yeah I was young.

Oh, why did you sudo?!  It's in the logs..

I never made the time to learn code or do anything deeply constructive instead, I recall spending hours scrolling through web pages admiring others craftsmanship, once they finally loaded.

I did wonder into Dreamweaver the odd time, I recall writing a couple of lines of HTML and maybe <?php echo"Hello world!"; ?>

Heading into a different direction

The world of dust, dirt and debris. Construction.

I decided to become a Chippy - working with timber. Working with my hands.

I'm now 10 years deep in a trade.

Creating dust for a living.

Sometimes, it literally feels that way.

Cutting, drilling, fixing - tasks completed and performed created dust.
Estimations how I spend my time:
25% tidying up | 25% driving | 25% on the tools | 25% paperwork / other.

I've learned lessons. Lesson one - construction is not for me.

My passion involves running Linux boxes ragged, not myself

Hire me, please?

Enough of my shameless plugging.

Enjoy the content and guides I present.

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