January 9, 2020

Life: Tech gig update

Following on from my Christmas day career change - leaving the tools behind

With thanks to those who have touched base although due to logistics the opportunities were not for me. Great progress within 2 weeks.

I'm sure and hopeful you'll find your ideal candidate soon. As I'm just as hopeful to find a new career within technology.

GIF from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFJ22BPOhmA

I would like to thank each and everyone for spreading the word - Reddit has been phenomenal for people messaging. Thank you.
Thanks for over 2K visits within 2 week

To strengthen the mission to find a tech based job I've recently launched a #HireCarl campaign on Twitter. An account which is a shameless plug and a feed for new posts for you non-RSS feed readers. That's a Mouthful.

I see a better future than my current position within technology.

Keeping hopes up

Oh for you readers (these life posts are not advertised on socials)
Here's an Easter Egg, early. Check /scripts

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Stay well, until the next time

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